Global population growth, urbanization, and global lifestyle changes are causing a significant increase of consumption of goods and overexploitation of natural resources, pollution of the environment and change of the global climate system. Solving these complex challenges requires innovative and sustainable solutions integrating technological, economic, and societal advancements.

Our mission is to focus on today’s societal and business needs by providing:

  • Technical assistance and advisory support on global environmental and
    development challenges
  • Creative solutions in the areas of agriculture, environment, forestry, land use, water and crisis management
  • Advice in using and integrating spatial information within an organization
  • Professional support for implementing and translating environmental policies into geospatial actions
  • State of the art technology for data collection, geodata processing, monitoring and analysis, mapping and visualisation
  • Integration and development of decision support systems

At Terranea we are ’spatialists‘ following our overall concept:

From data to knowledge – from knowledge to action.